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The Newest Superfruit - Maqui Berry

The Newest Superfruit - Maqui Berry

Rapid growth of smart devices resulted in many complications that are associated with eye discomfort and other problems like blurred vision, eye strain, eye fatigue and visual fatigue. We all can agree that at some point we all can connect to this scenario. As these smart devices became a significant part of everyday activities, they are hard to be removed apart. Instead, we can try to reduce the usage of these devices and take little extra care to avoid any unwanted eye problems.

The main purpose of this blog is to bring awareness on how diets and supplementations naturally help to prevent ocular complications.

Eye Health

The eye is the major sensory organ. As we know, the human eye is regularly exposed to lights with different wavelengths and intensities. The eye is one of the organs which is more susceptible when it comes to light damage. The main cause of eye damage is identified as photo-oxidative stress that induces the retinal pigment epithelium to damage. Understanding this issue, Grand Health® has come up with a product called "Vision Bright '' that consists of ingredients with potential benefits to the eyes. The product is 100% vegan and contains a high concentration of polyphenols and premium maquiberry extracts. Let us discuss the detailed information of product ingredients based on scientific evidence (1, 3).

Xanthophyll Pigments: Carotenoids

The predominant Xanthophyll pigments like lutein and zeaxanthin are grouped under carotenoids. Carotenoids are nutritional compounds that are broadly distributed in fruits and veggies and are known to have antioxidant properties.  Humans cannot synthesize xanthophyll pigments and must be obtained from dietary sources like fruits, vegetables, animal products or supplements. The lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids are found to naturally accumulate in the centre of the macular region (retina) in the human eye. They play a significant role in maintaining healthy vision by protecting the eyes from harmful blue and ultraviolet lights. They function as an anti-oxidant (fights against harmful oxidized compounds affecting eye cells) by producing a protective pigment layer in the macular retina and ultimately help to maintain the integrity of the eye. Therefore, a high intake of carotenoids in the diet has a role in protecting the retina from photo-toxic light damage (1, 3, 5).

Benefits of Lutein for Eye Health

Many research evidence shows that lutein can help to prevent and treat eye conditions that occur as a part of ageing, such as age-related macular degeneration that leads to blindness and vision impairments in older adults. In addition, consumption of lutein increased macular pigments, increased visual acuity, decreased the formation of cataract, and improved overall eye health (2, 4, 5).

Marigold Flower

Marigold is a traditional medicinal herb, grown in Europe, North America, and Asia. Most of the beneficial compounds are from flowers or leaves. They are said to contain a lot of properties like antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-mutagenicity, anti-viral and immunomodulatory. Marigold is rich in lutein and used as a primary source of lutein extraction in the food supplement industry. Marigold extract is used primarily to improve eyesight and retinal support. Besides, it contains bioactive compounds such as lutein and zeaxanthin that helps to reduce oxidative stress caused by Ultra-Violet (UV) rays (1, 2).

Goji Berry

The Goji berries have been practiced in China for maintaining eye health. Dried goji berries are used in Chinese soups and are popular in herbal teas. In Chinese traditional medicine, they are known to have "eye brightening" properties. They are rich in bioactive compounds such as lutein and zeaxanthin. A randomized clinical study reported that consuming a small portion of dried goji berries may protect from the early development of age-related macular degeneration. Consuming those berries also increased the macular pigments in the retina (6).


Bilberries are an important fruit in the diet and a medicinal herb in many countries, especially a great part of European nature and tradition. They are rich in bioactive compounds like anthocyanins, flavonols, tannins, and terpenoids. Research evidence shows that they help in reducing glaucoma, retinopathy, and cataract, and improve eye vision. Extracts are used in eye-health supplements and vision-aid problems because of their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties (7).


Anthocyanins are used widely as an eye supplementation in Europe and East Asia. Anthocyanins provide benefits by lessening symptoms of ocular problems. They are also known to increase rhodopsin generation (cells in eyes), ciliary muscle relaxation (eye muscle relaxation), and improve night vision. Naturally present in the eyes and improves blood circulation (8). 

Maqui Berry

They originated from Chile. Maqui berries are called a superfood because they are packed with anti-oxidant compounds like anthocyanins that can overcome oxidative stress caused in retinal cells. Therefore, they protect photoreceptors in the eyes. They play an important role in eliminating dry eyes and discomfort. As the tears keep the eye comfortable and moisturize, berries encourage tears production without the use of eye drops. Therefore, help prevent dry, itchy, and tired eyes (9).

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in the body. Large amounts are present in the skin, eyes, and connective tissues. They help to keep tissues lubricated and moist. They can be seen in eye drops, topical serums, and injections. They relieve dry eyes and discomfort which is caused due to reduced tears production in the eye (10).

The detailed overview of Grand Health's® Vision Bright can help to get an overall idea of the ingredients used. The product can be highly beneficial when they are taken with a good diet. For more information, visit our website



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Signs He is Starting Menopause

Signs He is Starting Menopause

This topic seems so surprising to everyone. You may wonder do men undergo menopause. Yes, after referring to many articles online, I got to know male menopause do exist. Many people just ignore this fact thinking of it as a myth but the reality is so different. A lot of scientific studies have confirmed that men experience menopause symptoms in their late 40s to early 50s. The term may sometimes be called andropause. Not every man will experience it but the symptoms are real. The possible reasons could be ageing and dropping testosterone levels (2) .

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testes and is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. It does more than sex drive. It usually brings changes during puberty,improves mental and physical energy, maintains muscle mass, and regulates flight or fight response in men. Testosterone levels fall as men age. The decline is steady at less than 2% a
year, starting from the age of 30 to 40 and these are unlikely to cause trouble themselves. So it is normal for men to reduce their levels during ageing. Now you may wonder what makes them worse or if there are treatments available. This blog clearly explains the symptoms, causes, treatments and more about male menopause (2, 3, 4).

Symptoms of male menopause
The symptoms are similar to female menopause. Unlike women, whose menopause starts in the 50s where male sex hormones start to drop as early as the 20s, gradually over subsequent years.
Symptoms of male menopause are listed below.
● Develop depression
● Loss of sex drive/ low libido
● Erectile dysfunction
● Physical and emotional symptoms like mood swings, irritability, lack of enthusiasm or energy
● Loss of muscle mass
● Reduce ability to exercise
● Fat redistribution such as developing a large belly
● Difficulty sleeping
● Increased tiredness
● Poor concentration
● Short-term memory (1, 2, 4)

These symptoms interrupt everyday life activities. So, it is very important to find them and resolve them. The diagnosis can include a routine blood test, in which a level of testosterone can be identified (1, 2).

Lifestyle changes are one of the biggest possible reasons for developing the symptoms. Some of them include,
● Personal or lifestyle issues because of stress, depression, anxiety
● Lack of sleep
● poor diet
● lack of exercise
● drinking too much alcohol
● smoking
● low self-esteem (1)

● Stress management
● Treating Anxiety
● Help for low mood and depression
● Exercise for depression
● Eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, and get enough sleep
● Some people also take hormone replacement therapy (testosterone
deficiency). But hormone therapy is always controversial (1, 4).
Treatments are available and it is treatable when diagnosed earlier. However, a healthy diet combined with a few lifestyle changes can prevent developing serious problems.

Grand Health®’s Herbal Treatment
Herbal remedies have been practised in Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for more than a century now. Most of the herbal formulations have been researched and proved scientifically. In the same way, Grand Health® conducted extensive research and developed a formulation that may benefit in managing male menopause. Vitor vigor plus is a combination of
herbs that is useful for sexual enhancement for men, increasing energy and endurance, and helping to balance sex hormones. Consuming these vegan capsules helps to restore libido and reduce fatigue. The herbal blend is 100% natural and contains ingredients such as Tribulus terrestris, Maca, Horny goat weed extract, Royal jelly, Saw palmetto, and Ginkgo biloba extract.

Their benefits are described below.
1. Tribulus terrestris contains bioactive compounds which makes them a common supplement for enhancing libido. It does not seem to boost testosterone but improves the hormonal levels in the body. Also, possibly helpful in treating sexual disorders in males and females (8, 9).

2. Maca root increases sex drive, reduces erectile dysfunctions, increases energy and stamina, increases fertility, enhances mood, and improves sexual health. Consumption at adequate levels can balance testosterone, and cortisol levels, support sex drive, regular prostate function, and greater sperm count. It is also considered a natural libido booster(5, 6, 7).

3. Horny goat weed this plant has got a funny history. A Chinese goat herder once noticed that the animals, who ate the plants had increased interest in sex. The plant contains a bioactive compound called icariin that has potential anti-oxidative functions. Often used by men to boost sex drive, and improve sexual performance. Also used for a variety of health issues ranging from erectile dysfunction to low testosterone to support bone and heart health (10, 11).

4. Royal jelly is a nutritious product produced by worker bees. Various studies showed that royal jelly is effective in improving libido, sexual desire, energy, and sexual function in both men and women. Used for centuries as a natural libido and aphrodisiac agent. They may enhance testicular testosterone production and sperm count (12).

5. Saw palmetto historically was used in the past for a variety of conditions exclusively for treating disorders of male and female reproductive organs. It is used as a natural herbal remedy that manages some aspects of male reproductive health including prostate problems, balancing hormone levels, preventing hair loss, and regulating testosterone levels (13, 14).

6. Ginko Biloba is used as a treatment for anti-depressant-induced sexual dysfunction, a common side effect in depressive disorder therapy. Help to reduce erectile dysfunctions and improve sexual functions (15, 16).
Based on the above discussion gives an idea about the herbs used in traditional Chinese and ayurvedic medicine. Grand Health® offers these ingredients in one capsule which can be a perfect blend for morning smoothies, and juices, sprinkle on oatmeals or add to a raw dessert.

Find more information about the product by visiting the website

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Why Antioxidants Are The BEST Way To Stay Healthy

Why Antioxidants Are The BEST Way To Stay Healthy

We mainly rely on good sleep, good food, and enough exercise to stay healthy. Now I’m going to introduce another essential for a healthy lifestyle: antioxidants! This post will explain the importance of antioxidants and how Grand Health's® can support your intake of this important molecule. 


Antioxidants are molecules that combat free radicals by preventing and slowing damage that free radicals cause to cells.

Your body naturally produces antioxidants, but you can also get it from foods that are rich in vitamins C and E, and carotenoids such as beta-carotene. Eating lots of antioxidants can help reduce the risk of diseases caused by high levels of free radicals.

Vegetables, fruit, beans, whole grain foods, lean meat, protein, green tea, coffee and dark chocolate are all good sources of antioxidants.

You can also take nutritional supplements to increase the amount of antioxidants in your body. An excellent supplement that I recommend is Grand Health's® ’s OPC Plus, which I will talk more about later!



Antioxidants are either water or fat-soluble.

Water-soluble antioxidants act in fluid, which is located inside and outside cells.

Fat-soluble antioxidants act in cell membranes.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble antioxidant, while Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant. 


Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that are formed in your body. They are formed through our body’s metabolism and through exposure to toxins, such as UV rays and harmful smoke.

Your immune system uses free radicals to fight infections. But if the level of free radicals in your body are too high, they can cause harm, resulting in illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Without antioxidants, free radicals would cause harm quickly! Your body needs to balance out the two molecules so you don’t experience oxidative stress, which is when there are more free radicals than antioxidants.

Long-term oxidative stress can lead to DNA and molecule damage in your body.

Lifestyle and environmental factors are also known to play a role in causing excess free radical formation and oxidative stress. Factors include air pollution, radiation, tobacco smoke, high blood sugar levels and antioxidant deficiency.


Grandhealth® OPC Plus uses a combination of powerful antioxidants (OPCs) derived from grape seeds, pine bark and red wine.

Oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes (OPCs) are naturally occurring plant metabolites that can be found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers and bark. They are remarkable in terms of antioxidant activity.

Each capsule of OPC Plus contains 121 mg of Proanthocyanidins from grape seeds and pine bark extract and 20mg Oligomeric procyanidins from red wine extract in every capsule. This potent blend of antioxidants work together to enhance one another’s capabilities, which is perfect for fighting free radicals!

 Product Benefits:

  • Antioxidant support for good health.
  • Anti-aging support.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • May help to strengthen blood vessels.
  • Supports night vision.

 This product is also 100% Vegan!


Antioxidants are incredibly important for combating high levels of free radicals. By eating a diet rich in vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, you can help your body prevent oxidative stress. Grandhealth® OPC Plus is a great source of antioxidants and it is a personal favorite of mine!