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My Holiday Survival Guide Part 1 - Maintain Immune System

My Holiday Survival Guide Part 1 - Maintain Immune System
Since the pandemic hit, the word “immunity” spreads like a rapid-fire. So, what’s this precious system in our body?  To clarify that, the immune system is not an organ rather a composition of certain specialized cells and chemicals that act like frontline workers when a harmful foreign substance enters the body. The foreign substances (referred to as antigens) can be microbes such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi or harmful environmental contaminants like heavy metals, allergens etc. Once the body recognizes the antigens, the immune system takes appropriate action by generating an immune response to either eliminate or neutralize the antigens.Interestingly, the immune system is subdivided into two categories based on the function: innate and adaptive immunity. It is believed that both types are closely integrated and work together to trigger an immune response.