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Omega Supreme

Excellent source of omega-3s

NPN # 80009667
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Grandhealth™ Omega Supreme is the ultimate omega formula for those looking for a higher potency of EPA and DHA concentration. Studies show that taking fish oil with EPA and DHA at this therapeutic dose may help support brain function, maintain cardiovascular health and reduce serum triglycerides. Grandhealth™ Omega Supreme fish oil is molecularly distilled and guaranteed for purity, delivering the best fish oil for you and your families.

● 480mg EPA and 240mg DHA per capsuleIFOS Certified Fish Oil
● Helps to reduce triglycerides
● Promotes cardiovascular health
● Has anti-inflammatory properties
● Helps support cognitive health and brain function
● Can help the development in children’s brain, nervous system, heart and eyes

Since humans cannot make omega 3s in our bodies, we must get them from our diet. Wild Alaskan salmon are rich sources of omega 3s including DHA and EPA. These two types of omega 3s are extensively researched for many different types of conditions as well as to maintain overall good health at any age.

Omega Supreme is a super concentrated salmon oil providing therapeutic amounts of EPA and DHA. Besides providing major support for the cardiovascular system, including to help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides and inflammation, omega 3s also provide support for our joints. Oils in our body and from our diet are what keep our joints moving smoothly and gives us a little extra support with inflammation and pain when needed. This oil that helps our joints is also what helps keep our skin smooth too!

Fish Oil (Salmon) 1200mg
Total Omega-3 Fatty Acids 720mg
  Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) 480mg
  Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA). 240mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:
Gelatin, Glycerin, Water, Tocopherols Excipient NF.

Adults: Take 1 softgel 3 times per day after meal.

Children 18 years and younger: Take 1 softgel 2 times per day after meal.

Product has been sealed for your protection. Do not use if the protective seal is broken. Store in cool dry places. Keep out of reach of children.

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